My name is Joe. I'm a Continuous Integration Engineer with Redfin.

Professionally, my experience ranges across enterprise IT and software engineering disciplines. I have experience with end-user and developer support, Linux and Windows server administration, network and website administration, and full-stack engineering. I have written professional code in C#, Javascript, Bash scripting, Java, and on the GitHub Actions platform.

I spend a good portion of my spare time writing, and have written around two million words over the past twelve years. I've been published once in the 2010 Scribendi literary magazine. I hope to some day see my work for sale in a bookstore.

Besides writing, I rowed for ten years with the WSU Men's Crew Team and the Pocock Rowing Foundation's Masters Sculling Team. Other than that, I am a serial hobby-collector, spending time on piano, woodworking, Warhammer 40k, 3D printing, hobby electronics, repair, and volunteer IT support.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my site. Please browse the subpages to find out more about my website and writing projects, as well as a few fun extras.